Park of Soldiers-Internationalists

The Park of Soldiers-Internationalists is a beautiful green zone on the outskirts of the forest.

The park was opened in memory of soldiers-internationalists who did not return from the war in Afghanistan. At the entrance to the park there is an armored personnel carrier BTR-60 and in the depths of the park there is a monument to soldiers-Afghans.

In the park there is a concert stage, made alleys, there are places for children's rest.

Brest, Moskovskaya Str.

The embankment of the Mukhavets River

The embankment of the Mukhavets River is an excellent resting place for children and adults.

You can go fora boat trip along the river or feed the swans.

Brest, Francisk Skoryna Embankment, 8

City park of culture and rest

BCUE "Culture and Recreation Park" is a natural cultural and educative complex which by size, location and environmental characteristics allows to provide the best conditions for recreation of various groups of the population and for holding mass cultural, sports and recreational activities, organizing games and entertainment, creating conditions for artistic amateur creativity.

Brest, Lenin St. 3; 224005

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Director Shchegelsky Andrey Vladimirovich
Ikonnikov Public Garden

Ikonnikov Public Gardenin Brest is named after Nikolai Fiodorovich Ikonnikov, a Soviet military commander, major general of tank forces, a participant in the liberation of Belarus from the Nazi invaders.

Ikonnikov Public Garden in Brest today is a quiet and calm green corner of the city.

Brest, Lenin Str.

Border Guards Park

At the beginning of the twentieth century on the site of the Border Guards Parkthere was a city garden.

The Memorial "To the Border Guards" was opened in Brest in the Border Guards Park on June 27, 1982. The memorial complex consists of a central monument and eight namesteles dedicated to the heroic border guards who died defending the state borders of the USSR.

Brest, Masherov Ave.

Peace Park

On April 8, 1994 in the "East" housing complex (between Leningradskaya and Yanka Kupala Street) was laid the international park. In the ceremony of planting trees and bushes veterans, schoolchildren as well as representatives of local authorities, embassies of Poland and Germany took part.

On a memorial sign erected near the footpath we read: "The Peace Park was laid by the delegations of the youth of the Republic of Belarus, the Federal Republic of Germany and the Republic of Poland on April 08, 1994 in memory of the victims of the Second World War."

Brest, Leningradskaya Str.