Park of Warriors-Internationalists

It is a beautiful place at the outskirts of a forest. The Park was opened in memory of the soldiers, who did not come back from Afghanistan. You can see a tank at the entrance to the park. There is a monument to those soldiers, who was killed. It is situated in the center of the park. The Park has a concert platform, alleys and places for children to relax. 

Brest, Moskovskaya street

Mukhavets River embankment

It is agreat place for children and adults for going by ship along the river or feed the swans.

Brest, neb. Franziska Skaryna, 8

City Entertainment Park

It is a natural, cultural and educational place, which provides the best condition for having rest for people.  You can have sports activities games there, amateur activities.

Brest, Lenin street, 3

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Директор Щегельский Андрей Владимирович
Ikonnikov Square

Ikonnikov Square is named in honour of Nikolai Fedorovich Ikonnikov, a Soviet military commander, major-general of tanks forces, a participant of the liberation of Belarus from German invaders.

Ikonnikov Square is a quiet and calm green area of the city.

Brest, Lenin street

Frontiers Square

At the beginning of the twentieth century, there was a city garden instead of this Square.

The memorial “To the Border Guards” was opened in Brest at Frontiers Square 27 June, 1982. The memorial work consists of the central memorial and eight steles dedicated to the heroes of the border guards who died defending the state borders of the USSR.

Brest, Masherov Avenue

Peace Park

The international park was built of the 8th of April 1994, at the place between Leningradskaya Street and Yanka Kupala Street. The ceremony of planting the trees and bushes was attended by were veterans, schoolchildren and as well as the representatives of local authorities, the embassies of Poland and Germany.

It is written on the memorial sign: " Peace Park was founded on 8.04.94 by delegations of the youth of the Republic of Belarus, Federal Republic of Germany and the Republic of Poland in memory of those who was killed in Second World War."

Brest, Leningradskaya Street